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First things first: Good idea about the thread in regards to the 'future' (pun intended) of WHFB 8th edition.
Personally, I'm under the impression that quite a few tournament organizing teams and / or wargaming clubs had allready taken up the endeavour to smoothen out the rules of 8th ed. a bit, or rather have tried to balance them or revamp them for their purpose. ETC and other comp systems have tried (and are still trying, sheesh) this for example.
Well, to be honest, I like none of the comp systems, but that's just a matter of personal taste. Also, in my humble opinion, no game system will ever achieve true balance, nor is there such a thing. The power of your respective list will ALWAYS be match-up dependant. Sure, there are certain lists (I kinda hate the term 'builds') that'll bring greater power to the gaming table, but always playing the latest 'netlist' is as rewarding as having some serious diarrhea.

Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
.. some books are going to need relatively minor tweaks (Vampire Counts), ...
Just out of curiosity, what would these tweaks be ? The Vampire Counts book always struck me as one of the 8th ed. books with very good internal balance.

... some are going to need to be rewritten almost entirely (Dwarves, ...
Again, purely out of curiosity and because we obviously come from very different gaming metas / scenes / whatever: What is it that makes you believe that Dwarves would need a complete overhaul ?
I can sure see certain issues with the TK book (even though they are capable of some excellent lists), but Dwarves ?

... (how often have you seen heavy cavalry in Steadfast Edition, and how often have you seen a list without a Level 4?).
Heavy Cav .... quite often.
Lists without a level four magician ? Not quite so often, but it is actually perfectly possible to play without one. I have run dozens of lists (with various armies) that did forego magic altogether (difficult, I admit), or only had a level two caster in the hero slot (perfectly viable actually).

Personally, the first thing I'd adress in the 8th ed. rulebook would be the rules for Fast Cav. If there has ever been one unit type that would be to powerful, it'd be Fast Cav.

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