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Default Can 40k ever become popular beyond the tabletop, novels & games?

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum that I have frequently lurked around for quite some time. I'm a huge 40k aficionado among other Sci-Fi series & franchises (big fan of the Thousand Sons/Tzeentch & very interested in the Emperor's Children/Slaanesh).

Anyway I've been thinking recently if any fellow 40k fans believe 40k could essentially become more popular beyond the tabletop as well as the Black Library books. I'm very aware that itself will probably never become as ingrained in pop culture as Star Wars (for example) for a number of reasons (one being the grimdark nature of the series), however what if Games Workshop were to find other avenues of promoting the 40k lore (not the tabletop) so that more people can become fans of the 40k universe & be more engaged in the lore overall. Maybe a tv show on HBO or Showtime perhaps that was either an anthology series where each season chronicled the adventures of different characters/races in the 40k universe.

I'm aware that a film franchise is unlikely as it would potentially cost a billion dollars more or less, however maybe a tv show & a comic series could help 40k branch out beyond the tabletop, books & games perhaps? I know GW licensed 40k to Boom! studios a few years ago, however it seemed short-lived to say the least.

Anyway I hope I don't get flamed as I didn't see this topic anywhere in the search results. I'd like to get other's thoughts on this topic as I'm very passionate about the 40k lore/universe. My sincerest apologies if this was the wrong sub-forum to place a topic such as this.
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