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Originally Posted by venomlust View Post
Absolutely gorgeous. Well done. Did you use waterslide transfer printer paper to get the text on it?
Yes, the text is done with a combination of the standard imperial knight transfer sheet, and the imperial guard tank transfer sheet. I opted to make him a freeblade, so I avoided many of the transfers of the "known" houses.

Also, in response to Roganzar: there were quite a few irregularities on the model... But I can't say if it was more than a standard FW model or not. My experience with FW thus far has been pretty appaling... The resin did seem a bit different, but then again, FW swaps it's resin mix around every other month or so, so it's hard to tell.

If it was a recast, it was definitely a good one!

I had an AMAZING time at fightclub.

I arrived a bit late, so I missed the introductions, but man... I had an awesome time at fightclub! 10/10 I would recommend fight club to anybody!
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