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Originally Posted by ckcrawford View Post
I agree. I actually have lost interest during second season. Will Graham is totally being portrayed in an extreme light of what is supposed to be his strengths. Do you think the show it trying too hard? Thats my feeling.

In someways I think the show has done a good job of showing some extreme murders and being morbid in that regard. However, it tried to do the same with the characters. Will Graham's portrayal just seemed very stupid. I got really tired of him not knowing what the hell was going on pretty fast.

I might watch third season but I shall see.

In my mind it just doesn't work that Will Graham know who the murder is. I mean... the beginning of Red Dragon clearly has a purpose. The series destroyed that purpose I feel because I think they realized the show was dragging. Its like.... do I like the beginning of Red Dragon or did I like the way Graham found out who the murder was?

If you think about it like that, the series is almost a complete failure.
It's been years since I've seen Red Dragon. I honestly barely remember the premise of the film, let alone what happens.

As for the show, I think Will Graham isn't particularly interesting. His "power" is a little stupid and unrealistic. They may as well call him a psychic. Whereas Hannibal approaches crime investigation from a psychiatric/psychological perspective, Graham has much of that knowledge and yet isn't applying it. Instead he can magically recreate the crimes and that's just silly.

There are some shows that really shouldn't stretch out beyond a single season. The second season was quite a stretch, the 3rd has just become boring. They've exhausted the exciting aspects of the show. Grisly murders are cool and all, but not really a good basis for a show.


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