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Because one turn of Shrouded (you can't even pick which turn, it has to be first) and +1 to the roll to see if Night Fight happens is shit compared to army-wide Hit and Run/Skilled Rider/Str5 Hammer of Wrath/re-roll Run, or +1 Feel No Pain on the whole army and IWND on all vehicles, or two turns of your entire army re-rolling 1s to hit with shooting and two turns of your entire army re-rolling 1s to hit in melee with your core infantry units getting flat re-rolls, or all your Devastators getting Tank Hunters and your entire army re-rolling 1s to hit with Bolt weapons including Special Ammo.

For a free benefit, Shrouded on turn 1 is a solid benefit especially if it comes with Night Fight, but given that you give up other Chapter Tactics to use it, I don't think it's good at all.

Also Shrike is one of the worse Special Characters. Not the worst, sure, but nothing particularly special in my view.

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