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This is the core of the list I've been working on. Super expensive but the terminators were designed with knights in mind and with four attacks each on the charge even a knight can be hacked down with average dice rolling. The lord would stay in the land raider if the first unit is charging a knight, one unit of terminators should be enough

HQ Lord with MoK, TDA, Axe of Blind Fury, veterans 155

E 4 Terminators with MoK, chainfist (champion), chainfist, 2 fists, 2 combi meltas 189

Land Raider 230 (574)

E 5 Terminators with MoK, chainfist (champion), chainfist, 2 fists, h. flamer 223

Land Raider 230 (453)

There'll also be two melta bike units and a multimelta/fist dread (mostly for the beautiful FW model) to help take off a hull points or two before the termi charge

The new wraithknights are a bigger problem now. A similar strategy with some high strength low AP shooting to take wounds off before one of the termi squads charges will be enough to kill a wraithknight even with FNP, but realistically optimised eldar, all knight lists and some of the new SM builds are too powerful for me to compete with and I'll just have to accept that. In a casual setting I'll let any list annihilate me once but the next game they can nerf their own army to make a fairer game or it's not happening. I'd do the same against a fluffy opponent because one sided mismatches aren't what I play the game for


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