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The time spent with Tenth Claw had been nothing short of agonizing. The Destroyer's body had rapidly deteriorated from the time on Istvaan V and while no one would admit it outright Serhiy himself laid the cause at the feet of Veptus as the coincidence of the concoction Veptus had designed for the Destroyer prior to Istvaan had seemingly preceded the spiral of his body. The Destroyer was now essentially in a mentor role both sharing with the others his experiences from the battlefield and to stand vigil over the holding area for the dreadnought sarcophagi. He'd taken to reminiscing with Sergeant Phalx who, while much older than himself, seemed to be similar in his current state of physical wellbeing. There was an unspoken connection between the two; they knew that their time with the legion was at its twilight and soon enough one of them or perhaps both would embrace the numbness of death at either the hands of a foe or perhaps even from one in midnight clad.

It was frustrating and being a part of these training exercises only served to exasperate the knowledge of the Destroyer's failing body as it was increasingly difficult to participate at full capacity and the creeping notion began to infiltrate his mind that being a part of First Claw was more an insult than anything else but while Xandrek would tolerate him he would serve. It was a good possibility that he'd simply forgotten the weaker man caught up in his own inner circle within the First Claw. It mattered little and as long as Serhiy's body allowed him to murder and maim he would endure and find a way.

His thoughts snapped back to the present as he recalled the tactics that they were to employ. These particular bats were part of a different sort of wing now and fought using the very tactics that the Ist legion employed. If felt sluggish and frustrating but it had clearly been effective as the Night Lords had been continuously pushed across space. The Thramas Crusade had been proving to be quite difficult with the tried and true tactics of fear and panic employed by the VIIIth legion proving ineffective against their brother astartes. They had an edge initially having known the murder of astartes but it was being shown that the others were fast learners and now the Night Lords didn't have the same edge. He thought briefly about who he was up against in these halls and brushed the thought from his mind. He'd have to be more patient in these halls now.

Their boots thumped with a grim repetitiveness as armored behemoths played their tactical game of leap frog. The destroyers had a bit of an advantage in some aspects but were mostly at a disadvantage more accustomed to mass destruction and chaos against a grander populace and less so against individual Astartes and the use of quick hit and run tactics using their jump packs to arrive, deploy their gruesome weapons, and then to just as quickly flee. It would only be a manner of time before one or more of their brother's in midnight clad descended upon them.

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