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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
I've always been an advocate of folding SW, BA, BT, and DA into C:SM. I mean, now, it's perfect design for the design company to make a Sentinels of Terra/Clan Raukaan style update booklet to the C:SM,
I wouldn't fold SW as the only thing they've really got in common with SM are the tanks, but I'd be happy with 3rd Ed style codexes for BA and DA (I play both, as well SW and Sallies) provided that they were the same size and quality as Sentinels/Raukaan.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
We don't need to use any military force to defeat the imperium, we'll just send GW legal at them. As soon as they see the first sign of a thunderhawk gunship, their IP infringement addled brains will go into meltdown - they'll smash everything out of the sky with cease and desist letters.
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