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I personally despair at this codex with its free stuff bonanza paired with tier after tier of bonus rules. To me it seems like to much. Adding on top cheaper termys and dreads who are now A4 with no points increase, I am seriously wondering if GW has asked the guys to just throw together rules that sound cool without playtesting or checkimg to do comparison work with other codex recently done (I'm looking at you daemonkin with your now way overcost termys and helbrute/dreadnaught with only 2 attacks...)
The major thing that concerns me will be if daemonkin tzeentch will follow the style and points of khorne, or will it have the better brutes and cheeper termys like marines. Either way chaos players are pissed off. If tzeentch gets the new treatment then khorne players are unhappy about the overcost dex. If tzeentch doesnt then all of the chaos ones are confirmed (not that they were in a great shape before) as garbage.

If this is the new trend then they may as well do away with the points system :S
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