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if youre allowed to use FW stuff then you could take infernum pattern razors, and because the melta is part of the tanks basic wargear rather than an upgrade you get it for free. put a six man tac squad w a flamer and combi flamer each w sallies tactics and vulkan and then you've got a good little force with both anti hoarde and anti tank capabilities. Ad some mm attack bikes or flamer ass squads, devs equiped to deal with whatever opponent youre facing and then ad whatever formations you want.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
We don't need to use any military force to defeat the imperium, we'll just send GW legal at them. As soon as they see the first sign of a thunderhawk gunship, their IP infringement addled brains will go into meltdown - they'll smash everything out of the sky with cease and desist letters.

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