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Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
Nice write up again, you have assuaged my fears about this dex

I get the problem that a lot of people seem to have with this Dex in that it's similar to the old one - too much so for a new Codex for 35 to be justified. I disagree, thinking there's an awful lot of small changes that add up to really rather big changes, but most importantly I will state that in my view, Codex: Space Marines is unequivocally the best 7th edition release. Is it going to be as easy to play as Eldar Scatterpacks/Destoyer Weapons or Necron Decurions? No. But it has truly excellent internal balances, and so much unit synergy or at least unit competition that will allow it to fight those aforementioned Codexes. Take the Space Marine assault troops - in the past, Hammernators have been what you bring, pretty much without question. Now? Vanguard, Honour Guard and Terminators are all vying for a spot, each bringing something unique and powerful in it's way to the table.

Note: for the people who are wondering how you beat Necron Decurion or Eldar with the new Space Marines, my as-yet-untested first theories are to beat the Decurion by running away screaming like a little girl for the first few turns, then bum-rushing the objectives with the preposterous amount of Objective Secured that Space Marines can have on 12"+ movement platforms; beating Eldar is much the same, but you have to alpha strike their Troops first to stop them sitting their own Objective Secured dudes on the points to stop you from taking them. Fortunately, this is often going to be Guardians (who die badly to Tactical Doctrine-sporting Tactical Marines) or Jetbikes (who are as hard to kill as regular Marines, and the destruction of which will also give you huge survivability increases, perhaps even to the extent that the Eldar literally do not have enough bullets to stop all your dudes). The new book, wit the proliferation of Objective Secured, really capitalises on the thing Marines have always been really good at - the last scraps of the game, where you've fought to basically mutually assured destruction and neither side has much of anything left to fight with.

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