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Default What exactly is "Rangda"?

Any speculations and conjectures regarding their ture indentity/nature of this enigmatic xenoform? Untimely-awakened Necrons slumbered in Halo Stars region or Proto-Tyranid hive fleets, perhaps?

It seems only known fact regarding them is they are extremely dangerous and noxious abominations come from outer darkness of galaxy and caused wanton destructions and horrible calamities without exception and Imperium persecuted at least three or more Xenocide Campaigns, but still cannot completely exterminated/expelled them from Imperium proper-also they incurred horrific casulaties from several of Astartes Legions during 'holding actions' against them, such as Dark Angels(50,000 perished; they saved entire northern Imperium from Rangda invasion through this sacrifice), Death Guard(suffered near-catastrophic loss required lengthy rebuilding period) and Salamanders(defended Halo Stars frontier from several intrusions and likewise suffered huge casulaties).

considered delete, but eventually choose to leave.

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