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marine “decurion”
the basic “decurión” is the demi battle company:
– 1 captain or chaplain
– 0-1 command squad
– 3 tactical squads
– 1 assault squad, bike squad, attack bike squad, land speeder squad or assault cents.
– 1 devastator squad or dev cent squad.
– 0-1 dreadnought of any type.
This formation may use any battle doctrines once per battle
if you take 2 demi-companies, you get a full company. (first company with a captain and the second with a chaplain). If done so, any unit that is able to purchase a rhino, razorback or drop pod, may do so without any additional cost.
Termins are now 175 points (both types), altough hammer and shied cost +10 points
devastator, for +5 points, may once per game, reroll to hit. Grav cannons + amp cost 35 points.
Chapter master upgrade is not one per army.
No land raider squadrons, but one formation (3 land raiders of any type). They reroll to wound vs gargantuan creatures and to penétrate vs superhevies. If they are at 6″ of any other raider of the formation, they ignore any result on the damage chart but destroyed.
To get the benefit of the tank squadrons you need 3 of them. You lose the benefit if you lose a tank.

(tryed to hide the rest behind a spoiler tag didnt work...?)


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