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Default First army - please help

Hey all,

Just getting started with 40k, and I have been stressing for almost two weeks now about what I want to play. I don't have a ton of money to just keep restarting armies, so I'd like for this first one to be something I'll have fun with for a while. My initial idea was to have a CSM army with a few Daemon units -- I was thinking the typical movie/book trope army where an army of men (more or less) have control over a handful of beasts. I was told repeatedly that that wouldn't be good, hence why I've been stressing. Today, I've basically said forget it, I'm doing it. So starting from scratch, I need as much help as people are willing to give to make it the best that it is able to be.

Things I'm looking for in the army:
Mostly or at least half CSM-type units (if there is some way of incorporating Company of Misery, they're probably my favorite, but I don't think there has been anything made for them yet)
No motorcycles, any other vehicle is fine
I would like to incorporate and take advantage of Gift of Chaos and/or Boon of Mutation as much as possible.
1500-1750 points

I don't know if this type of post is allowed or not, since I do not have a proper starting list, but I hope so. This is what I want to play, even if it won't be competitive. I just need help figuring out exactly how this list might be made up. Thanks in advance.
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