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Default Doubles 1000pt Tournament

So my local GW has a tournament up and coming, a doubles tournament! 1000 points a piece, any teams go.

My brother is keen to have a go in a tournament as I participated in a "Founding Chapters/ Successor Chapters" tournament not too long ago, and had a poor experience when I took my fluffy World Eaters army and got smoked (and belittled by a cocky fuckhead DA player) and my brother wants to "defend my honour" lol.

Anyway, I believe the lists must be Battle Forged, so I've made a daemonkin force to go with a Space Marine (Smurf) army. Note - my brother has not yet made a force as the new SM dex is due this Saturday


Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage: Warp Forged Armour, Great Axe of Khorne and all the goodies one comes with - 275


Cultists x10 (x2): Autopistols, CCWs - 70 (x2) - 140


Helldrake: Baleflamer - 170


Soulgrinder: Phlegm Bombardment, Warpsword - 190

Defiler: Battle Cannon, Power Scourge, 3x Powerfists - 225

Coming in at a tidy 1000 points.

The idea is to have cultists sit pretty on objectives / become Blood Tithe points to make a new Bthister. Soulgrinder is for AA or taking out blobs of marines/ hordes, same with Defiler, but with more CC options. Both will probably be used together. The drake is for support and taking out flyers with vector strikes and taking out any problematic hunkered down squads, as for the Bad Boy at the top, used as needed.

Comments and critisism welcome of course.

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