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Tac Squads can take Grav, All dreadnoughts now have 4 base attacks. Only LOW is Calgar. No master of the Forge but Techmarines can take Conversion Beamers.
Dreadnoughts going to A4 is *super* nice if true; the rest is all gravy.

Bike are troops if you take any HQ on a bike, no need to be five man now. Temis squads of both kinds got a 5 point drop but TH SS cost the same as before after buying the upgrade for them.
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Centurions are pretty much the same. No grav on dread that I saw.
In the case of Blah Blah Blah vs The State of Whatever, I find that nobody gives a damn.

(In reference to The Emperorís Champion)
Fear, reroll ld, FNP, canít remember the others, only the FNP stood out as being really good. EC has no stances, 2+ 4++ 2 base attacks, I5 WS6 plus a pistol, In a challenge can preroll to
hit and wound and causes ID on a 6
Nice that he's something you can use now, if he's reasonably priced.

Honour Guard and Command Squads are Elites now you donít need characters to take them. Fist is still unwieldy. All termis are 5 cheaper TH SS upgrade is 5 points more.
Brilliant. Honour Guard Elites are sick.

Calgar the same just LOW and can choose his Warlord trait so will pretty much always have FNP. He still lets you use a doctrine twice and now they are better he is better.
Different how? Is looking at the army special rules too much to ask?!

Calgar can pick his Warlord Trait from the marine list the best one being FNP. Shrike and any jump unit he joins can infiltrate. Vulcan master crafts melt weapons. Khan gives scout to bikes rhinos and razors. No Iron Hand character. You can take a librarian formation where one librarian can know any of the powers the others have if they donít cast and warp charges are on 3+
All to the good. Hoping Tiggy stays the same but casting on a 3+ with his homies.

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