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Originally Posted by Loli View Post
So presumably the Decurion for marines is a Gladius Strike Force.
That is what it's looking like, can't say I'm against it. With some of these Formations it's basically making Unbound legitimate with a few compulsory unit choices (that aren't always bad or less effective, like with the standard FOC), really throws caution out the window when making lists.

EDIT: here's some more fun stuff:

Via Warseer’s Sinsigel 6-5-2015

” I apologise if I’m uploading info that has already been posted.
FLGS nearby started showing SM codex for preview.
I simply skimmed through the codex so there will be many gaps and slightly inaccurate parts.
Points costs will not be posted.Chapter Tactics still remain, although every one of them has been ‘buffed’.
White Scars for example all get hit & run whether the model has bulky rule or not.
Combat Doctrines only gives to-hit rolls.
Devastators do not have Slow and Purposeful.
They do get a wargear allowing the squad to re-roll failed to hits for a single shooting phase.
Tactical squad can carry grav cannon & amp, although it’s almost twice as expensive as lascannon.

Vanguards get bonus to charge distance, while Ironclad & Venerable dreadnoughts get 4 attacks minimum.
Assault centurions’ siege drill now strikes at S10
Legion of the Damned is still in the codex, and it’s DS ability has been slightly buffed.

Most vehicles, if taken in squadron of three, gain significant buff.
Multiple Stalkers(now with interceptor) can ignore cover, where as three vindicators can instead fire a single shot with apocalyptic blast which ignores cover.

That’s all I can recall with any degree of clarity.”

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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