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Woo hoo! Glad I could help!

I also have terminators and chaos marines in a similar dark bronze scheme, without the oxidation. Let me know if you want reference photos of anything.

*Rummages around for images. Rummage, rummage, rummage*


These are from my army showcase:

The main colors here are dwarf bronze (or the new equivalent, which is apparently hashut copper according to the conversion chart) over warplock bronze (or the old equivalent, tin bitz) I still have dwarf bronze in the old hex paint pot so I usually use that. I think on some of these guys I may have mixed Brass Scorpion with Sycorax Bronze to test out the new colors, and that was about even with dwarf bronze. I haven't tried out the hashut copper, but I might pic some up.

I was (and am) more than a little smitten with dwarf bronze as a color. It had a really nice luster and warmth, and it worked particularly well for Khornate trim.


p.s. No photos of the terminators, bikes, or other regular chaos marines. Though poking around, they're not that great paint jobs. Clean and workman like but not very inspired. I'll still share though.

Chaos Army Showcase with photos (Updated 2013/12/02)
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