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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Yeah, I'm not really sold on them either. The main thing I don't like, is the vallejo brass or bronze. I find all of it far too yellow for my tastes. The contrast is especially stark between the shaded areas and the brass/gold highlights.

And even though Khorne's throne and all of his toys are made of brass, I have always used the old GW dwarf bronze as my trim color of choice. It's warmer and more red. It looks less chintzy.

I also have miniatures in a similar color scheme. Mine are essentially a dark bronze like warplock, but without the nihilakh oxide.

Let's stop for a moment and reconsider. What do you want them to look like? All of these tests are sort of going in the same direction, "gold terminators." And you don't seem satisfied with them. So what quality aren't you achieving here?
I prefer using some if the bright colours to drybrushes with then mute them with a wash or ink. This also helps blend the colours.


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