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Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post
Who wants a hug?
*Larry the necron* I do I do
*Hippolytus the aspiring champion of Tzeentch* no Larry, don't
*shick* *Hippolytus* damn it

With the destroyers, I was going to make some lychgaurd and a female lord like that

Creations made in madness may contain great power. The path to that power is as labyrinthine as the creator's mind.
‘Through technology we thought to defeat the natural order. But the onset of eternity cannot be denied forever; the universe will see us humbled for our presumption. Yet its methods of attack are limited. We long ago removed our bodies from mortality’s grasp and bartered away our souls for technological baubles and the trappings of power.Our minds, then, are all that remains for us to lose, and it is here that the next stroke against us will fall.Though our individual afflictions may take different forms, sooner or later we will be lost to madness.’

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