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i tottally get that some entries are shite and some are pure comedy and some are pure shock value or weird, its also very easy to see the countries who for what ever reason have entered with a very obvious dud so they dont win, but what im trying to work out is if we are treated badly because we are auto qualifiers or are we just that crap and out of step with europe music wise? alot of our music is exported to europe, our native tongue is basically the second language of most euronation (i think only two entrants sang in non english in the competition this year and one of those placed higher than we did).

been reading some articles going back a few years and there does seem to be some traction about our nations perception to the competition (we dont treat it seriously enough because we only enter second rate acts) and that because we auto qualify and cant get knocked out we dont get votes as people think they are a wasted vote

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