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For Zsavo Verak, these training sessions of 'boarding' and 'boarded' at first had provided a source of entertainment for the former Night Raptor; all of those times he had relished the hunt...soon enough such a thing had lost its charm. Hunting his fellow Night Lords didn't hold the same thrill for him, not to mention that such sessions never culminated in what his twin hearts truly desired; to spill the blood of those who opposed the VIII Legion, to see the fear in their eyes as darkness claimed them. Barely acknowledging the sound of bolter fire, what kept him from raging was the fact that he understood all too well that these were necessary to keep the Claws entertained and prepare them for the slaughter that was due to come. In the meantime, given that he hung upside-down, he could relish in another thing; the fact that his Legion's tactics were similar to those of a bat, an ancient Terran creature that dwelled in the dark and hung from the caves they dwelled within. When the night finally fell, they would fall upon their prey like the predators they were. The Night Lords adorned themselves in the sigils representative of such creatures; in a sense, they were bonded to them just like the Sons of Russ were bound to the creatures of their homeworld. Still, these events had grown tedious and there was no delight in putting other beings to the Art of Fear that could never know the concept in the first place. Still, it would make an interesting to try and pour it into the hearts of other Astartes.

Soon enough, a voice had broken through the thoughts of the Night Raptor; it was Sergeant Xho's voice on the vox.

"Well well well, it seems Seventh Claw (Heavy support Squad) has decided to make their presence known brothers. This will bode ill for Fourth Claw as they will run head long into Seventh Claw's weaponry, however if we attack now then we shall give away our position. My my what a quandary however we need to draw in Third Claw and deal with them aswell, in the close confines of the ship their boarding shields give them a great advantage and I doubt Fourth Claw will be able to overcome them. Vaunted Zsavo of First Claw. Take nine other members of my squad and descent upon the Seventh, dispatch them and hide their bodies from sight, strike fast and aim for the throat. Do not allow them to sent warning to the brothers of Third."

Well versed in the etiquette of stealth, Zsavo simply tapped his helmet twice through the vox channel to confirm that he understood. Turning to his fellow Night Lords, the former Sergeant conveyed the orders towards them through Astartes battle sign. With a simple gesture, nine marines followed him as silently as their magnetised boots clung to the ceiling, crouching low so as to keep as much of their visages out of sight as possible. Silently drawing Blood dice from its scabbard, but not activating it power field, the former Night Raptor led his men forward, his augmented vision slowly catching sight of the Seventh Claw. When they were within sight, it became clear they were moving. Raising a hand, Zsavo stopped the men under his command. Anticipating the hunt to come, they waited for the Claw to draw near...better for the 'enemy' to walk to their own doom.

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