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Fellow sons of the Haunter, i present onto you an action thread: https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...54#post2142154

Sorry for the delay, between looking for a job and other family stuff been having trouble getting it sorted. Always have trouble with the opening post and had to ship away at this one in bits.

Anyway the deadline for this shall be: Sunday 7th of June

May only be 1 1/2 weeks this time, want to keep Thramas updating weekend seperate from The Watch to make it easier for everyone.

Already, you exalt me for my triumphs, When I ask only that you remember me for my treacheries

Victory is nothing more than survival.
It carries no weight of honour or worth beyond what we ascribe to it.
If you wish to grow wise, learn why brothers betray brothers. - Khyron, First Grand Master of the Eighth Brotherhood.
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