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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Pretty sure you can find me posting in at least a couple threads (pre-7th edition Codex drop) stating that Tycho was and is a waste of space in the Codex and should be moved to an Armageddon campaign supplement if not dropped entirely.

I'm all for advancing the story and moving 'known' things around. I definitely don't care enough about 40k that I'm gunna get ruffled by some retconned fluff and don't think anyone else should either. That just leads us right back to the nerd-rage shitstorm that we see on gaming forums, forcing so many people like me just stop caring about the conversation.

Three things to not bring up at a party: religion, politics, 40k fluff.
ihave to agree with this..the nerd-rage does my head in..play the game..enjoy the hobby..and have fun...
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