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The 30k -> 40k thing i said was more of an annoying thing that could have easily been worked out with the normal things that FW seem to have done with several different knight variants as well as tanks that work as both 30k & 40k stuff.
Like with the stompa, baneblade, lord of skulls and a few other things that have made there way from a FW book into a GW book (like apoc & escalation and now blood oath book) have FW stuff. Some of them have even changed to be plastic GW versions.
As you said, these items are "Premium" stuff, but doesn't prevent it being included in next edition of the codex if they wanna make them in GW cheep version or en just leave them as a premium product like a knight kinda is at 80 as a focal point and not a thing that is taken en mass, as they have with some mentioned above with 40k modified equivalents.

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