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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Fine, I'll blame them too. But the common denominator is Ward. Every single codex of his that I read was dog shit. So yeah, I am going to blame him. You put your name on it, you take the responsibility if it's shit, I'm sorry but that's life, happens in all walks of life. You see military chiefs or CEO's resigning all the time because of a big fuck up. Was it entirely their fault? Highly doubtful, but the point still stands. People can defend Ward all they want, but it's no coincidence that his codexes were the worst and the most negative opinions. So yeah I'm sorry but fucking no as well, I will keep blaming him, if I knew the rest of the team, they could get blamed too, but as I said, you stamp your name on the front, you better be damn certain what your producing isn't the biggest load of shite that GW has ever produced.

As for the Black Crusade, as far as I remember the fluff outcome they gave wasn't accurate to the campaign. Due to the disproportional amount of Space Marine, Eldar and Guard players, the Forces of Order curbstomped the shit out of Chaos to the point where the Crusade would have been a complete failure. Yet GW changed the fluff to show Chaos making a strong foothold in the Cadian system, killing Eldrad and now controlling the Cadian Gate, making the future waves easy access to go. Eldrad isn't dead now, the Cadian Gate is still in the Imperiums hands and the 13th Black Crusade is at the beginnings but Abaddon's forces already sound immensely more powerful than before. The Space Wolves 13th Company have vanished in all traces since the campaign as well.

I don't particularly care about moving forwards, sure it would be nice. But I'd be fine with more background between the Heresy and now. The wars for Armageddon were amazing and I want more like it.
I have to agree. The banging of the drum has not ended, I think it goes to show how extreme the change has been. I have been very skeptical about buying the codexes these last few years, despite being that type of person who used to collect them. There was a time where Codexes really had good information and provided a better foundation for already established fluff. Instead of giving more support, I feel the new codex fluff has shaken it. That goes back to old threads though.

I still care about fluff, but I think people can kind of sense if its shit or not based on who's writing it. I think it makes fluff conversations a lot harder to have than they used to be. For example, with all the curved balls thrown to fluff within the last few years, I wouldn't be surprised if a new Heresy novel came out where it was Corax and the remaining Istvaan loyalists who stood their ground against the Traitor Legions and decimated them with bolts of lightning from their ass.

I'd open a thread one day about the breaching of the walls and what each traitor legion was... where each loyalist legion was... and then someone who just read the new Gav Thorpe Heresy Novel goes on the thread and goes... "Nope... your all wrong." According to Gav Thorpe, it was Corax who defeated Horus. The Emperor simply transferred his power. I'll tell you... what a thread killer that will be.

So to answer the question completely... Its kind of hard to say. There are some new pieces of fluff that a lot of us don't even talk about. I almost feel that the fluff has become WAY MORE pick this and chose that. Like I choose to believe some pieces of lore that are written didn't happen... but when those instances do become part of the discussion, I can't pretend they didn't happen. There's too much rubbish fluff which in my opinion is slowly killing the 40k world.

The interesting thing about that, is that I'm sure many think this is simply my opinion. Maybe so, however, when lore fundamentally shakes fluff that is already established and has played a important part to fluff for several years, than I think its a bit more, and perhaps a lot more than just my simple opinion. I have no problem accepting fluff I don't like, and the Heresy series is a perfect example. It was when the rubbish poured in, that I actually appreciated a lot of the novels, I'd used to say weren't my taste. They still aren't my taste, but they still provide a foundation for the series and the lore. Its different when fluff just isn't your style, you didn't like what happened, something about it is controversial, etc... but there comes a point where you read something and almost question if your really reading something from the 40k world, and go, what the hell was that rubbish.
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