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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Not in the current book. There's a paragraph or so of fluff describing each version, none of which states anything about using the model in historic battles. Just the normal version and the version of him before he died.

"Some fight with the Orks" GW only did the largest store-wide campaign EVER for that battle, a little conflict called the Third War for Armageddon. I remember it going down and each country/continent that had GW stores in it controlled a portion of the map of Armageddon, and their wins/losses were entered into a database and the outcome was decided as such.
I was at work, so going from memory as work computers tend to block various sites. I couldn't remember which one of the Armageddons it was. Either way dead version must then be for historic battles if there is a post death version of him (Death Company ret con) as well. Either way that was going back to 4th maybe 5th edition?
If you keep bringing people back from the grave it takes away emersion in the story. Mainly because the story would have to go something like
"NOOOOOOO You killed Sanguinius!!!! DAMN YOU HORUS YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT! But first just let me cast rez. Everything you do means nothing bitch LOLZ!"
"Horus having mortally wounded the Emperor but in doing so had been broken by the psychic attack that the Lord of Mankind had unleashed on him, this had forced the Warmaster to flee to the Eye of Terror. Meanwhile on Terra, the agents of mankind seeing no other option hurried the body of the Emperor to the Golden Throne in hopes to recover from his wounds. Before sitting in on the Golden Throne a voice was heard from the entrance they had just come from, it spoke softly and said 'Why are we doing this?... If he dies we can just bring him back with full health and he might just loose a bit of XP like me.' And so it was the Emperor died that day but was reborn thanks to the Maguffin of wisdom and helpful Sanguinius who had been ressed only minutes before."
Such is the fate of MMOs that have NPC character death and everyone wonders why they don't just find the local healer char to rez them if the body is still there and everything will be all better.

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