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Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
I'm sorry but fucking no, stop whinging that Ward has ruined the background and fluff. Its not solely his call, and I'm sure he didn't write everything we didn't like. There are others involved, including those who have to agree with the changes made. He clearly isn't the only one responsible, and I doubt all the changes we dislike are all from him. (Are some? Yes. All? No.)
Fine, I'll blame them too. But the common denominator is Ward. Every single codex of his that I read was dog shit. So yeah, I am going to blame him. You put your name on it, you take the responsibility if it's shit, I'm sorry but that's life, happens in all walks of life. You see military chiefs or CEO's resigning all the time because of a big fuck up. Was it entirely their fault? Highly doubtful, but the point still stands. People can defend Ward all they want, but it's no coincidence that his codexes were the worst and the most negative opinions. So yeah I'm sorry but fucking no as well, I will keep blaming him, if I knew the rest of the team, they could get blamed too, but as I said, you stamp your name on the front, you better be damn certain what your producing isn't the biggest load of shite that GW has ever produced.

As for the Black Crusade, as far as I remember the fluff outcome they gave wasn't accurate to the campaign. Due to the disproportional amount of Space Marine, Eldar and Guard players, the Forces of Order curbstomped the shit out of Chaos to the point where the Crusade would have been a complete failure. Yet GW changed the fluff to show Chaos making a strong foothold in the Cadian system, killing Eldrad and now controlling the Cadian Gate, making the future waves easy access to go. Eldrad isn't dead now, the Cadian Gate is still in the Imperiums hands and the 13th Black Crusade is at the beginnings but Abaddon's forces already sound immensely more powerful than before. The Space Wolves 13th Company have vanished in all traces since the campaign as well.

I don't particularly care about moving forwards, sure it would be nice. But I'd be fine with more background between the Heresy and now. The wars for Armageddon were amazing and I want more like it.
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