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Originally Posted by CJay View Post
There is nothing changing story wise, and even this forum, has the same posts today as it did when I signed up in 2010, just new authors.
Except the 'recovery' and releasing of information that occurred between the Heresy and present time. There are ten thousand years of events that happened and we know of only a fraction, why do people insist we only push the present forward when theres so much left unknown?

Also, as far as this or any forum is concerned. Someone asking a question that was asked one month, year, or edition ago is nothing bad. It simply means that question has not been answered, or the answer eluded their grasp in a search.

I'd rather the question is asked and answered than left unspoken and someone goes on without the information and possibly doing something wrong.

Originally Posted by Haskanael View Post
!, wait, am I a senior member? or shouldn't I rather count the point where I started playing/reading?
The call for only 'senior' members to post is a bit dumb honestly. You could have been playing since rogue trader but only register on this forum today. The title under your name will say junior member, but your possible knowledge and insight could be invaluable. Same goes for someone who's been a member for five years, barely posts or interacts with the hobby, and now has the title of senior member.

Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
And to be perfectly honest, a lot of that comes down to Ward.
I'm sorry but fucking no, stop whinging that Ward has ruined the background and fluff. Its not solely his call, and I'm sure he didn't write everything we didn't like. There are others involved, including those who have to agree with the changes made. He clearly isn't the only one responsible, and I doubt all the changes we dislike are all from him. (Are some? Yes. All? No.)

Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Another turning point for me, was when the 13th Black Crusade campaign didn't end the way they wanted it to, so they just retconned it instead. That really rubbed against me in a bad way.
They didn't really retcon it away because the result wasn't what they wanted. In fact, unless I am mistaken, they rather liked the outcome.

Fact is the outcome hasn't technically changed, it just hasn't happened yet (its about to, as opposed to just concluded.)

Originally Posted by the_barwn View Post
We all blame Ward for the pants on head stories that appeared in the codex's but in the end someone had read them & classed them fine to proceed.
Thank the gods, someone else who is actually saying this? Have a rep cookie.

Originally Posted by the_barwn View Post
as we know the time line has not advanced a whole lot in the 30+ yrs it has been around.
And again, lot of history that hasn't been covered even without moving forward.

Originally Posted by the_barwn View Post
The whole 13th black crusade was something that those of us who took part in it had great pride in because at the time we were moving the story along & because it didn't work out as wanted it gets dropped thats when I stopped caring
Again, unless I'm mistaken I believe GW liked the outcome.

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
I would have said the same thing until we saw how they've dealt with the WFB End Times series. They've proved they're willing to wield the axe, and hopefully that axe will be applied to 40k soon.
The problem here is that there are three possible endings to 40k: Chaos wins, Tyranids consume the galaxy, Necrons seal the warp and win. Fantasy really only had one outcome, chaos winning; the warhammer world had an open wound to the realm of chaos in the northern pole (with no way to close it.) And it was only a matter of time before the inhabitants of the warhammer world lost enough ground to chaos, the events of the End Times simply hastened that outcome.

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