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It goes round in circles GW seems to spend time & effort in creating an original setting for the history of a chapter or race & then a few years down the line suddenly decides that its not working & changes it but seems to not offer a real reason for doing so...

Yes the original Deathwing history from Space Hulk V1 showing them to be almost Native American was fresh & good to see, explained why they changed the armour to bone.
I kind of struggled to understand the original Blood Angels story where it seems that they lost almost all of the 1st company in a space hulk but never went into much detail.

Yes it did get a bit silly with the whole GK setting with the shennigans that occured, Tau were an oh so bandwagon attempt to grab some anime pie & the Necron changes were imo a good thing because it helped you to work out your own style for your force. We all blame Ward for the pants on head stories that appeared in the codex's but in the end someone had read them & classed them fine to proceed.

Sometimes yes characters do need to be bumped off to advance a story but as we know the time line has not advanced a whole lot in the 30+ yrs it has been around. I just read some of the fluff now as filler & its used to try & pique interest in units that don't normally see the light of day much, only if they don't buff them in the new codex (looking at banshees here).

The whole 13th black crusade was something that those of us who took part in it had great pride in because at the time we were moving the story along & because it didn't work out as wanted it gets dropped thats when I stopped caring

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"Hey! I just made a full suit of tactical dreadnought armour!"

"Cool! Does it work?"

"Well, my virginity now has a 2+ invulnerable save so yeah, kinda did "
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