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Q: why didn't you reference any Japanese tanks or vehicles for the Lei when you did for every other nation.
A: because Japanese tanks are historically crap.... yeah yeah i know so i gave them German and Russian references.... can't use Chinese because they didn't have any tanks back then.

Q: so i don't know much about this world... i dont think i can make a character
A: not much of a question more of a statement. but that's kind of by design. you're meant to come up with your own history, your own idea of how your character would have grown up. it's a pseudo WW2 era with nations roughly like our real world counterparts only with bits of fantasy thrown in. imagine a world where dragons do indeed exist, adventurers still roam the world (although now in their own armored vehicles) and monsters are indeed big and scary requring people to live in tightly defended cities. Think dieselpunk if you have to.

Q: how would you describe the tanks of this world?
A: Same way i would describe armor of the medieval world. The general soldier has a crappy set of armor that is crudely forged and put together in order to fulfill the bare minimum of it's job, while those who have been around, have more money, or have risen in rank have the same armor, but of better quality. Think of a world where there are actually gilded tanks just as there is gilded armor, or was gilded armor back in our medieval period. every tank is made unique by it's crew. how they maintain it, how they paint it, how they mod it, it's all unique. average trooper has crap, but that trooper survives a bit, gains in rank or coin, and suddenly that crap isn't crap anymore, it's shiny, it's spiffy, and it's looking good.

Q: can my character be royalty?
A: i'd allow you to be a noble's son/daughter sure. but queen of England style royalty? yeah no.

Q: you mentioned dragons.... so dragons are a thing?
A: Yes, ancient space people who built the dyson sphere also infested it with dragons, so yes dragons are a thing. they are large, horde things, and breath fire. they also fly so there's that.

Q: what if everyone makes people who go around in mobile AA?
A: i may just die of laughter as i imagine people going "DAKA DAKA DAKA DAKA!"
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