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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
I like the mounted counts-as jugger-lord. Except for the Khornate bunny ears sticking up from his back. I'm not crazy about the Khornate headdresses to begin with, but here it's really not working for you.
You're absolutely right, I'm really not liking it either. once i find a new head I'll take that off too.

Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
The terminator and retinue are a bit hard to tell the paint scheme seems pretty murky, pretty dark and not enough contrasts.
Yeah i need to figure out a better way of taking my pics, but here are some better ones of the Lord and squad.

Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Have you thought though the color palette for the army? Does it match a daemonkin style, a wolf style, and/or a Khornate style? What are the major colors and the highlight and accent colors?
I do want to keep to the original 13th company for colors as that's where i want to draw from when it comes to fluff for this army. So dark grey armor with dark red shoulders seems to be the way I'll be going. I chose purple for the power weapons because i didn't like the thought of red weapons with the already red pads and I wanted something different from the normal blue. Other accents are mainly going to be in the furs and trinkets. I'm thinking using a good amount of yellow to contrast the dark colors on the armor.

Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
And what unit is next?
How about troops?

I used mainly kit bashed chaos marines with the Grey Hunters box.

I have 3 more squads of these guys then after this I have a forgefiend and heldrake
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