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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
doesnt surprise me in the least , but to some people because his name was on those books, he must have sat in a room on his own and wrote everything himself, he wasnt given a brief, codex wasnt play tested or proof read, nobody above him approved it, nobody else contributed, all the ideas were his own, he didnt look at previous works or anything else,he painted the minis,took the photos and did all the art work, he even took everything to the printer, stood at the machine poured the ink in to it, cliped the pages and bound everything, packed and hand delivered every single copy to the stores.
But he didn't write Imperial Guard or Space Wolves (Codex: Leafblower and Codex: Razorwolves) which were at least as complained-about as any other book except Grey Knights (which got a ridiculous amount of flak).

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