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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post

@Orochi : I don't know if GW are publishing the authors of their codexes anymore, given how much hatred got heaped on Matt Ward, calling Cruddace's books Cruddexes, the hurt anger whenever Phil Kelly made a sub-par book... Daemonkin, certainly, at least, didn't have the author's name written anywhere on it (though a fellow named Simon Green took credit for it on Facebook), and I haven't heard folks talking about who the author of the Harlequin, Skitarii, new Eldar codexes, etc, are (apart from some assumptions the new Eldar dex was from Kelly).
its the same with minis now too, the boxes no longer have the sculptor's name on it which is annoying as feck as i like to know what Jes Goodwin has been upto,but i tottaly get why they are doing it, Matt ward really got far far too much stick, certain members of staff were held in such high regard because they were part of the old guard and GW would get loads of flack if they ever dared to leave the company and every time it would be the companies fault and GW would suffer because they pushed out who ever it was, people forget that loads of writers,arstists and sculptors have been through GW over the years and many have left to pursue careers out side the industry simply because they wanted to, nobody got upset when i resigned from tescos despite being bloody amazing at my job and arguably my work effected far more people in the world.

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