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Both of those for 400 points sounds pretty great, honestly. Giving 2 units of Devs Skyfire would be nice (or, sorry, one of them "snaps fire at full BS," heh), but there's a lot of flexibility there for when you aren't against flyers. Good anchors to a firebase, hiding that Rhino in a Ruin or behind an ADl (or, hell, in a Skyshield Landing Pad) with potential counter-attackers inside the Land Raider, or some such.

@Orochi : I don't know if GW are publishing the authors of their codexes anymore, given how much hatred got heaped on Matt Ward, calling Cruddace's books Cruddexes, the hurt anger whenever Phil Kelly made a sub-par book... Daemonkin, certainly, at least, didn't have the author's name written anywhere on it (though a fellow named Simon Green took credit for it on Facebook), and I haven't heard folks talking about who the author of the Harlequin, Skitarii, new Eldar codexes, etc, are (apart from some assumptions the new Eldar dex was from Kelly).

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