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From m_r_parker:

Ok - managed to get home in one piece, so I'll try to give a more comprehensive overview of the day itself.
Having only been to WW once before, last years FW Open Day, I can't really compare too much between the old and the new - but it does feel refreshed in places. The dedicated GW, FW and BL stores work really well - in fact the ForgeWorld store probably works a little too well. There's something quite refreshing about going into a store and being able to browse through racks of resin, plus packs of resin seem to appear in your hands as you unintentionally mutter "... yes, i'll have that too ...". The display cases show assembled and unpainted models, and is impressive to see a shelf made up entirely of Contemptor dreads and another shelf of the Primarchs and the Character Series range. Similarly with the Black Library store there are large wooden shelves making you feel like you're in a library or book store (I know, obviously right), with a decent range.

The exhibition halls are definitely worthwhile visiting. The displays are impressive, a lot of them are new, and the first hall has some of the earlier Citadel Miniatures and dioramas (Mike McVeys Emperor vs Horus, the large Warhammer Quest diorama, some others). The pinnacle is in Hall C (I think) with the largest of the display boards - standing at over 30ft high and about the same in length, depicting a Khornate daemon and World Eater invasion of an Ultramarine stronghold. They were so impressed with their creation they created the 'Blood Oath' Campaign Supplement (available as a Warhammer World exclusive). To put it in context, the new Warlord is included in the display and can be missed if you're not paying attention. The sheer quantity of models and scenery throughout all the exhibits is beyond belief.

Bugmans is still the same, but I'm still not convinced in giving them a table number when you order at the bar as it makes it difficult for someone on their own to order food. But that's my gripe.

The studio area set up behind Bugmans was set up nicely with the different studio areas (GW main, FW, Artwork and BL), but FW was definitely the busiest of the areas with a total of two Warlords on display. Just to clear up some bits about the Warlord:

There were 6 available to purchase today, with another 6 tomorrow. All of todays 6 were sold in under 10 minutes, and a further dozen were placed on order. As I was in the first thirty to get in the doors today, and the Warlord was sold out after I spent under two minutes waiting for a free FW sales desk, you're going to need to be committed to get one tomorrow. Apparently some people at the head of the queue had been waiting since 6am in the morning.

This weekend there was only the option to buy a complete Warlord with head and 4 weapons, but when it is released these will be sold individually. They sold the entire thing as a single entity to avoid people just buying a weapon and leaving incomplete kits (not sure why anyone would do this, meh).
Price is confirmed at £1,240 for the whole set. Body is ~£900, Weapons at £65, and Head at ~£80.

There will be different head options, and the head of the unpainted Warlord on display today will be a Warhammer World exclusive product (yes, there are going to be a lot of Exclusive products).
They will be doing a Chaos version.


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