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The Nurgle Daemon looks amazing, as do the Chaos Knights - the proto Lord of Skulls especially.

I can't wait to get to see the rules on the Word Bearer.

Guilliman and Sigismund though? Nah. What happened to Sigis' hair? And Calgar looks like a Tonka toy. The overbright blue always looks terrible though, can't wait to see what it looks like when someone stops over saturating the photos.

And for anyone wondering why they should play the Heresy over normal 40K Space Marines? See above. What looks like 30-40 of Fulgrim's elite bodyguard charging into the Gorgon Terminators of the Iron Hands to prevent them from helping Ferrus Manus, all the while Deathstorm Drop Pods unleash their automated weapon systems and other Drop pods disgorge their payloads of Astartes deep into the fray, supporting the armoured assault of the Iron Tenth lead by a Fellblade Super Heavy Tank, 4 Land Raiders and supported by a Predator and some Rhino borne infantry, snaking around the ruins of a crashed Thunderhawk.

Meanwhile the Emperor's Children sally forth, their Predators and Rhino borne troops assisted by Contemptor Dreadnoughts and Javelin Attack Speeders under the gaze of the Fortifications weaponry.

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