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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
What do you guys think of this? Personally I prefer Lando for giving out a free action, but I can see the merits of this list. By all accounts it won that tournament fairly easily. I'd also like to say I'm not usually in the habit of hunting down optimised net lists, but this one struck as interesting because it's do close to what I want to try out with the two big ships.
It's an interesting list, but it's incredibly vulnerable to several lists/ships. First a decent joust list will shred these two ships, especially because they don't have any repositioning ability other than Dash's barrel roll. big ships caught in a joust will pretty much always lose, unless the opponent makes some big mistakes. Also Soontir, Echo, Corran, Whisper and pretty much any PS8 ship that can easily get into Dash's donut hole can wreck this list, but I suppose that's what chewie is for, to block the R1 band for Dash.

It doesn't surprise me that this list made it to a top 8. Double turret lists are incredibly good against inexperienced/average players, who often don't know how to properly combat them. Even so, the fact that this guy won the top 8 suggests that he's an incredibly good player.

I don't like double turret lists, but I'd consider this the 'best' of the double turret lists if you're interested in giving it a go:

60 Han w/ Lone Wolf + Engine + C3PO + R2D2 + MF
40 Fringer w/ Mangler + Outrider + Intel Agent

You use the Fringer as bait to make the enemy chase him. They'll probably be able to kill the fringer eventually, but by then you should have killed a few of their ships, leaving them unable to kill fat Han. Han's worth so much that if your opponent is unable to kill him you only have to kill 41pts of enemy ships for the win. Intel agent on the fringer paired with it's barrel roll and PS2 make it an effective blocker to help keep it alive.

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