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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
I'll keep this in mind. The one thing that makes me hesitate about a big ship list is the low number of attack dice. I know the big boys are tougher and can last longer, but I like rolling 10 attack dice per turn if I can, especially against those delicate ties.
It's always nice to roll a lot of attack dice, but it's also a question of quality. A big turret ship doesn't roll anywhere near the number of dice that a TIE mini-swarm rolls, but that turret can shoot every turn without fail. There's no missed opportunities because you passed the enemy and had to get them back in arc, or you were arc dodged, if they're in range you've got a shot. Add to that upgrades like Gunner/Luke and predator, and your turret can consistently get 3 hits, which cheap spammed ships can struggle to do. Engine Upgrade allows your turret to easily outpace and arc-dodge lower PS ships and is almost mandatory on any large based turret ship.

Turrets will always lose the joist game (except against other turrets), their strength is more in their consistency, manoeuvrability, and cost.

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