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Default 7th Eldar - Aspect Host (1850)

Ok so I wanted to build a list that is somewhat competitive but still can be fun to play against in a casual setting. This list I feel is no push over but does not utilize all the tools the Eldar have.


Windrider Host (588)
1x Skyrunner Farseer (130)
- Spirit Stones

1x 3 Vyper Squad (165)
- 3x Eldar Missile Launcher

1x Skyrunner Warlock (50)

3 x 3 Windrider (243)
- 3x3 Scatter Lasers


Aspect Host (270)
3x 5 Swooping Hawks
- 3x Exarch

Aspect Host (378)
3x 2 Dark Reapers
- Starshot Missiles
- 3x1 Dark Reaper Exarch
- 3x Eldar Missile Launcher

Crimson Death (440)
1x Crimson Hunter Exarch
2x Crimson Hunter


Heroes of the Craftworld (148)
1x Autarch
- Banshee Mask
- Swooping Hawk Wings
- Power Weapon
- Scorpion Chainsword
- Shard of Anaris

--> Farseer sits with Vypers or jet bikes casting powers, Warlock sits with a squad of bikes also casting powers.

--> The Autarch sits with a squad of Swooping Hawks to benefit from the no scatter when they arrive from ongoing reserves turn 2. Once landed the Autarch detaches and just runs a muck on his own.

--> Swooping hawks provide large blasts and thin out enemy squads and also provide objective grabbing on last turn.

--> Dark Reapers just punish Air, and become can openers for the swooping hawks.

--> The Crimson hunters will provide air support / superiority and allow my smaller units to run around and harass without fearing heavy armour.

*Something to note is: Most missions I play don't include first blood, slay the warlord, and line breaker which is why I don't fear cutting loose with my Autarch.

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