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Need something smoother than a brush and quicker than Commissar Cain avoiding a firefight? Something for the pro's here ladies and gentlemen, is an airbrush. Now, if you're starting out, or have been in the painting scene for less than a few years, I'd ignore checking prices for now, unless you're nosey (Like you should be!). An airbrush is a painting device similar in nature to a spray can, paint is propelled by air through a nozzel. They're used primarily for painting vehicles or mass basecoating figurines, however, its true purpose is that more advanced painting techniques can be produced by them, such as advanced vehicle weathering. Airbrushes come in several flavours, but the most important being external air mix and internal mix. External mixers mix the air and paint outside the brush, while internal mixers... well you get the idea. Internal mixers are much, much more expensive and are generally harder to clean, but give a better finish and offer more versitility for advanced techniquies. While externals are the polar opposite. Air can be delivered to them via a car tyre (!) compressed air can (Cheap) or a compressed air unit. With desirability and versitility going up from left to right.


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Used in conjunction with styrofoam to create scenery. Styrofoam is weathered down into a nice smooth shape quite nicely by ordinary sandpaper. Some people use this on figurines too, but it's not something I'd ever allow on MY figures!

1500pts Celestial Lions
1000pts Warboss Judge Skull'Umper
500pts Vostroyan & Cadian 119th

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