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Originally Posted by surreal-mind View Post
cool tut but what about styrofoam and such?
Good point, my friend! Styrofoam is a thick, foam substance that can be cut with either a hobby knife, or a hot wire cutter to create slopes, mountains, hillsides, and general cool pieces of miniture scenery. Again, sold in packs or individual, with different thicknesses. For hills, the thicker the better. Packs can be found in larger hobby shops or stores similar to B&Q (Uk) or Home Depot (USA)

That is one of the Big Three of the creation/converting game. Plasticard, Styrofoam and foamboard are all you shall need, good luck!

Originally Posted by dirty-dog- View Post
LOL, great list, definitl;y laughed at the humor.

oh, and definitly +rep for taking the time to explain to newbies.
Thanks mate!!

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