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I did a review on The Outcast Dead and Wolf Hunt on my Youtube-channel for you who want to check it out, but overall problem is that McNeill tried to jam in enough material to feed 4 separate novellas. Only 1 of them were good, which was the stuff about the Astrotelepathica. The main-characters the Outcast didn't show up until after half the book and well they didn't leave any proper impression (1 even didn't even get a feature in the personae). I gave the tips that McNeill should have done a novella about the Astrotelepathica and explain the organisation just like he did with Mechanicum. Then it would lead up until the culimnation of Magnus coming to Terra.

Then the novel The Outcast Dead would pick up right from there, it would skip the whole Thunder Warriors-plot and it would integrate Wolf Hunt into the story. In that way it would explore the Astrotelepathica and then get the proper chance to develop the Outcast-characters fully beyond just mere stereotypes.

I'm currently working on Angel Exterminatus on how to fix that novel as well.
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