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Default Bikes and Wraiths 1500 - Hopefully not cheese

I've been playing my CSM/Khorne Daemonkin army and decided i wanted to try out shooting people rather than chopping them up. I like the eldar book since its fast like my daemonkin and i love the wraith models. I put together this list looking for something fast, fun, and not too cheesy.

Windrider Host
1x Farseer - Jetbike, witchblade, shurk pistol
1x Warlock Conclave - 1 warlock, witchblade, shurk pistol
1x Vyper - shurk cannon, TL catapults
2x Windriders x4 - shurk Cannons
1x Windriders x3 - shurk Cannons

Wraith Host
1x Spiritseer - witchstaff, shurk pistol
1x Wraithknight - 2 heavy Cannons, 2 shurk Cannons
1x Wraithlord - 2 shurk catapults, 1 shurk cannon
1x Wraithblades x5 - Axe/Shield
2x Wraithguard x5 - Wraith cannons

This comes in at 1502 so i need to do something about those 2 points. The Spiritseer would be the warlord and pall around with the wraithblades. The farseer in the wind rider host would join the smaller windrider squad. The warlock in that formation, since he is a conclave can he join one of the windrider squads or no? I left out the d sythes and i think the S Cannons on the bike are going to be a better bet that the scatter lasers given the bladestorm rule. I'm liking the formation because the wraiths will get to move 12" a turn until they are in shooting range with the 6" run guaranteed.
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