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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
I hope to fuck I can abuse that Land Speeder rule by putting a Space Marine IC on a bike inside a squad.
@Stormxlr; really? LR as Fast attack doesn't make sense? Pray tell then, what Heavy Support does a Land Raider bring? A Heavy Bolter and 2 Lascannons?
Well I simply cant, Land Raiders are obviously underpowered for point cost. But they dont belong with Bikers, Land Speeders and Flyers either. They are still heavy support tanks. Not main battle line tanks like Vindicators, Predators variants etc. If you want to discuss Land Raiders rules or how it would be improved im totally open to that.
Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
If it made sense for any Chapter I feel like BA or maybe WS would be good, but yeah. Not happening.
BA got fast attack predators right, i could see fast attack dreadnoughts for WS.
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