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Having been tinkering around on xwing builder, I really like finding those lists that synergise really well to make one man a beast. So I ended up coming up with this.

E Wing, Corran Horn, R2F2, Expert Handling, Experimental Interface, Enhanced Scopes. 44.

Headhunter, Airen Cracken, Marksmanship, Shield Upgrade. 26.

X Wing, Garven Dreis, Engine Upgrade. 30.

I know, for Corran's price I could get Lando in the Falcon, but the R2F2's action gives Horn +1 agility until the end of the turn. EI lets him do that for free. EH gives him the free barrel roll. Then he has his standard action to take. If he's within range 1 of Cracken he gets another free action. And then Dreis can pass a focus token to him if he's at range 1-2. Now, if I'm reading that right, Horn now has 5 actions to take per turn. I know he picks up 2 stress tokens if he uses all of them, but damn, he'd be pretty fun to play. Thoughts?
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