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The Raider will improve the Advanced, no doubt, however it doesn't address the big weakness, which is the dial. I'm not convinced that they will become the new "power" Imperial ship. What it does, instead, is give us a viable ship in the mid-20s point range, which we've previously lacked - you essentially had to run two TIEs, or a pretty basic Interceptor.

Dash is, to my mind, better than the Falcon, especially since he no longer has to burn 12pts on a HLC to get some kind of damage output. Having a large ship able to boost and barrel roll off asteroids (often behind them) with 2 green dice means you've very frequently got a 10hp ship rolling 3 evade dice at attackers, to say nothing of arc dodging like a pro. That makes it massively more survivable than the Falcon, who relies on not being focused and tanking the few hits it does take on a couple of evade tokens.

90% of people think they are above average.

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