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Default A word or two about Dan Abnett...

Aaah Dan Abnett ! The professionnal in entire writing roster in the BL.

Not that I've said the best, tough.

Don't get me wrong, he's one of my favorite. He know how to write an epic story, can write some very witty and funny dialogue. Untill now, I never been really disappointed by a Dan Abnett novel or story. (If one did disappoint you, just tell me which one and why, your POV is interesting me.)

His writing gimmick always make me smile. (Especially, when he use italic policy to make actions and event description that more awesome. )

But Dan Abnett treatement of WH40K isn't without flaw.

You see, he love's the military and techno thriller stuff, I mean, the real one and I suspect that it played a role in his wrting with Battle of calth and Horus Rising. Sometimes, you read his work on ultramarine and almost guess there's a "USA" or "SAS" sigil instead of the Ultima symbol...

When I readed "Legion", I could almost mistake the place for a space Afghanistan or Irak planet. (Desert place... Veiled guerillero warriors... Yeah...)

Sometimes, he seems to ripp-off idea, like the Megarachnid in Horus Rising, who seem A LOT like the bugs from Starship troopers, or Iron Snake who made me think of a WHK Rip-off of 300.

But all in all I think his writing he's very good, and I'm glad he's helping to build the 40K verse. He's given some great concepts like the Perpetuals, the pariahs, which are all good idea to me. (Untill they began to overuse it, of course...)

I'm just afraid he will bow to the bad habits that haunt Black Library and start to use some of his plot or character toys too much, like I feel he's done in Unremembered Empire.

Your advice ?
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