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Originally Posted by Garviel loken. View Post
I didn't realize this was a Dr. Phil forum for everyone to bitch and moan on.
Are you fucking serious? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha.

mate, you should have got here back in the days. Oh shit. You'd have loved Stella. Now that was a right cunt. You'd have got on well. Don't suppose you remember Jez either? Don't know if he's still preaching his "namaste" bollocks when he was all about getting the site some extra revenue by bringing in newbies, but spout some shite about how we must all play nice and try to be the little spoon or some other corporate white paper-bullshit-because-Nancy-the-intern-got-fingered-in-the-copier-room-now-we've-got-a-lawsuit type thinking, and he'd wear your rectum like a fucking neckwarmer.

No seriously. Pull on your big boy panties, go to stores and find yourself a pair of adult male shoulders and swallow a few man the fuck up pills, because here is a harsh truth.

This site is and was the site, created by, and run by people, and made and populated by people who were sick of the constant shit on warseer, the heavy handed modding of dakka, and the hypocrisy/moronism of B+C, it became quite well.

Hence, I come in. A spade is a fucking spade, and I will beat people with it if they do shit bad. I am the fucking Sword of Damocles, if you will.

Now, we've got to put up with snivelling little bitches who don't like how their favourite authors get trashed in the dirt.

I'm sure Nick Kyme doesn't care, it's probably water off a ducks back to him to see some random guy on a random website complain about how shit he is. He's the fucker on ~50grand a year to grow a neckbeard and play pew pew games with little toy dolls reading about them and running scripts through Spelling and Grammar on Microsoft Word.

If he does go home and cut himself because of what I say, or go for long walks to the end of the pier, then I'm actually deeply sorry. But at the same time, he should fucking stop writing.

And then there's you. Crying about it. Getting offended on his behalf. Fuck sake.

I know you're Canadian, and everything, but have you ever done anything manly in your entire life, like felt your voice drop a couple of octaves, or pulled your first face pube out accidentally that you were so proud of?

Christ almighty.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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