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Originally Posted by Garviel loken. View Post
I didn't realize this was a Dr. Phil forum for everyone to bitch and moan on.

And Kyme has done some good work. Censure is one of the best HH audios, and vulkan lives was a decent read.

I find it funny how you can so easily hate on him, but you likely have the writing capability of a second grader.
Well you seem to be bitching about Vaz just as bad.

And Ahhhhh, I see you've gone down the mature option of insulting me. You're clearly a good debater. Forgive me if I pretend to care for a moment. But let's say my writing capability was that bad, you clearly don't understand that criticism does require you to be good at the subject, just have an understanding and appreciation of it. Pastor Maldonado is quite a shit F1 driver, hilariously so infact. Sure he's better than me, but that doesn't change the fact that he just isn't very good. Let's go with the hate child himself, Justin fucking Bieber. His songs are awful, he is awful, everything about his entire existence, is awful. Yet he can still probably sing better than I can.

Can you honestly say there is not a single actor, musician, artist, author or athlete that you have criticised, who for all that, is still better than you?

Oh wait, that's right, we can check each others post histories!

Originally Posted by Garviel loken. View Post
My least favourite thing from graham in general is how he takes cool one liners from other authors and ruins them...."today we march for molech"

Fuck of McNeill
Originally Posted by Garviel loken. View Post
"I was there the day horus fell"

Fuckin McNeill
So how about you follow your own advice towards Mcneill and stop being a fucking hypocrite.
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